The common opinion of vampires is that they are cold, focused and dangerous, whereas vampires themselves are proud of their elegance and discipline. They are charming, yet have a tendency to unveil a darker side when they smell blood. Vampire Matthew Clairmont, a geneticist, shows a keen interest in Diana Bishop – a witch – when she unearths an enchanted manuscript which holds the secrets of their past and the key to their future.

Suddenly two icy patches bloomed between my shoulder blades.

I had been seen, and not by an ordinary human observer...

Matthew Clairmont is a geneticist, vampire, and fellow of All Souls College at Oxford University. His educational credentials are too extensive to list here. Most hours of the day and night he's in his laboratory—though he occasionally makes trips home to France. Meet Matthew on Facebook.

A Discovery
of Witches
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In a world where four species co-exist, it is not surprising that humans are aware of creatures even if they choose to ignore their distinctive characteristics. Jordan –human butler to daemon Hamish Osborne – knows this more than many, with his tacit awareness of his employer's secrets ever present but never divulged.


Vampires love wine. Given their bottomless bank accounts and the years they've devoted to collecting great bottles from the world's best producers, it's no surprise that they have terrific cellars.

Sparkling, white, red, or fortified–all wine is fascinating to a vampire thanks to their long memories and preternatural palates.

Here are a few of the wines Matthew has stashed away.

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