Humans are rational, sensitive beings who thrive in the company of others. They show talent in many different ways, ranging from academic interests to more practical endeavours. The humans in A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES are aware that their interactions with creatures are unusual but they often turn a blind eye to the peculiar activity of the 'others' in their midst.

'You're living a lie – and an unconvincing one at that. You think you pass as a human.' Matthew's tone was matter-of-fact, almost clinical. 'You don't fool anyone except yourself. I've seen them watching you. They know you're different.'

A Discovery
of Witches
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In a world where four species co-exist, it is not surprising that humans are aware of creatures even if they choose to ignore their distinctive characteristics. Jordan –human butler to daemon Hamish Osborne – knows this more than many, with his tacit awareness of his employer's secrets ever present but never divulged.